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    04-01-20 Saw one fem Black Redstart at Chesil Cove car park this morning, with a smattering of Rockies (03-01-20)
    10-09-19 Must be getting to 'hobby time' at Loddy now. I saw one headed south in the garden yesterday
    29-07-19 Browns out now, we saw 3, Alners.
    13-05-19 Beautiful Demoiselle at Kingcombe (11-05-19)
    18-01-19 vufallwedpres: A trio from Thorncombe yesterday, was chuffed to get the Treecreeper,,, huge crop tho' --
    15-01-19 vufallwedpres: Siskins sparkling at the moment, with Marsh tit, and Coal Tit, at Thorncombe Woods today (15-01-19)
    20-11-18 vufallwedpres: Goldfinch flocks on the Alder cones, some great looking Shoveler males, and several Common Gulls near the cake shop…
    16-11-18 vufallwedpres: Est. 250 Golden Plover, 2 Ravens, Corn Buntings, and other finches at Maiden Castle today. (16-11-18). GPs high or distant, or both.
    12-11-18 vufallwedpres: A green greeting, and some asset strippers at Loddy yesterday (11-11-18). With Ruff, LY Legs, GW Egret, 3 M Harrie…
    24-10-18 vufallwedpres: Yellow-legged Gull at Lodmoor yesterday afternoon. ID by Brett Spencer, i wouldn't have known it was there. (23-10-…
    17-10-18 vufallwedpres: Thorncombe Wood, Orange Peel Fungus, Porcelain Fungus, Butter Cap, and Shaggy Ink Cap (16-10-18)
    12-10-18 vufallwedpres: Raven stripping sweetcorn/maize, Portland.
    11-10-18 markwright12002: CrowLodmoor, Weymouth, Dorset@RSPBWeymouth @DorsetWildlife
    10-10-18 vufallwedpres: Pale Buzzard, Reap Lane area, Portland (19-10-18)
    07-10-18 vufallwedpres: On UK Fungus Day, a beautiful Blusher. (Amanita rubescens) from Oakers Wood near Moreton.
    28-09-18 vufallwedpres: This weeks straggling Osprey made several passes again yesterday afternon. Loddy (27-09-18)
    22-09-18 vufallwedpres: One of 3 Greenshanks unbelievably close Lodmoor yesterday pm (21-09-18)
    21-09-18 vufallwedpres: Ruff Loddy (19-09-18)
    19-09-18 vufallwedpres: Radipole an Loddy 18-09-18
    23-08-18 vufallwedpres: 2 GWE, 2 Sarnie Tern, and visiting Barnacle Goose, Loddy.
    15-08-18 vufallwedpres: Stroll around Loddy yesterday morning. One of the three GWE showing well, but distant for shots, fishing in the cha…
    01-08-18 vufallwedpres: Migrant Hawker, Portesham railway track. Several seen, think its a female, according to the gennies. 31-07-18
    23-07-18 vufallwedpres: Good numbers of Grayling on the heaths now 23-07-18
    21-07-18 vufallwedpres: 2 Clouded Yellow, Lydlinch Common, 21-07-18
    13-07-18 vufallwedpres: In high hopes of some 'open wing' shots of the Purple Hairstreaks today at Alner's. I thought the conditions early…
    13-07-18 vufallwedpres: El Vaselino (The Greasy One), Alner's Gorse, 13-07-18
    21-06-18 vufallwedpres: Fulmar, Burton Bradstock 21-06-18
    04-06-18 vufallwedpres: Marsh Frit, Powerstock Common. 03-06-18
    03-06-18 vufallwedpres: Painted Lady HHH 02-06-18
    30-05-18 vufallwedpres: Marsh Frit shots from Powerstock Common 28-05-18