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The Nature of Dorset News-share service

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Submitted by PeterOrchard on Thu, 11/10/2018 - 15:53

Every day some Dorset wildlife enthusiasts post information about what they have seen whilst out and about. These tweets can be seen by anyone who chooses to follow them but this is, by default, very limited in its reach and value. For anyone seeking this information they:

  1. Need to have Twitter account
  2. Need to know who to follow
  3. Need to filter out from all the tweets those that are relevant to them

Finding nature news can be difficult and spreading nature news to others equally so! That is where I hope the Nature of Dorset News-share service provides a solution. Once I have found someone who posts nature news I can, using various bits of technology, pass it on to others automatically. The service means:

  1. The receiver can have the information via Twitter, via Facebook, directly into their preferred RSS reader or follow it on the Nature of Dorset website
  2. The receiver can select what species group(s) they want to receive news about (mammals, reptiles, birds, butterflies and so on)
  3. The receiver does not have to monitor a complex Twitter feed to filter the information they want, it is done for them

From the broadcaster's perspective this means that the information they wish to disseminate can reach a much wider audience and therefore be of greater value and benefit. The Nature of Dorset's sole purpose is to share information to as wide an audience as possible and the news-share service is potentially a very valuable part of the function.


Here are four ways you can get the latest news of Dorset nature sightings:

Nature of Dorset

The Nature of Dorset news desk brings you the latest sightings from yesterday in reports, charts, maps and photographs as well as weekly and monthly summaries. Bookmark this page to access it when you want to know what is been seen in Dorset.


All the tweets found reporting wildlife sightings are retweeted to this Twitter account. If you want the news in your own Twitter feed then follow this page otherwise bookmark it to then visit when you want to.


All the tweets found reporting wildlife sightings are forwarded to this Facebook page. If you want the news in your own Facebook timeline then like this page otherwise bookmark it to then visit when you want to.

RSS feed

 If you use an RSS reader you can get the latest Dorset nature news directly in to that by clicking on the icon. copying the url of the next displayed page and then pasting the url into the connector in your preferred reader.


To set up your news-share service just decide how you wish to receive your news (from the list below) and use the links above to get started:

  1. Nature of Dorset: If you do not have a Twitter or Facebook account and RSS sounds too complicated then you can follow the news-share service by bookmarking the Nature of Dorset news desk page in your web browser
  2. Twitter: If you are a Twitter user then it is easy! You just need to follow the link above to the Nature of Dorset news-share Twitter account and either follow it or bookmark it. If you do not have a Twitter account at present you may wish to set one up, it is not difficult!
  3. Facebook: If you prefer Facebook to Twitter then you can follow the Dorset Nature News-share page again by clicking the link above and either liking or bookmarking the news-share Facebook page 
  4. RSS Feed: RSS is a popular way of reading data from any web service that provides output to the RSS standard; this news-share service does that. Provided you have an RSS reader, and there are many available, you can get the news directly into your reader

The options above will feed you all of the previous days tweeted sightings in your preferred medium but if you have a particular interest (mammans, reptiles, birds, butterflies, etc) then provided you use RSS you can get only the tweets for that interest group(s). Use the table below to access the service you wish to use for your particular interest group. You can, of course, follow as many interest groups as you wish but you need to set up each individually and you can chose a different method for each group if you wish, or even more than one method for each group although I am not sure why you would!



Use this table to select the species group(s) you wish to receive news about and then select the method by which you wish to receive that news: