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Index of Contributors of Records

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These are the Twitter users whose tweets have been used to create the records database:

Click on any recorders name to see their public Twitter profile and access their Tweet feed. You can will find access to their original tweets and photographs as well as some lists, charts and maps summarising their activity. If you are looking for a particular recorder you can use the search box at the top of the list display.

Displaying 1 - 30 of 189 records
Rank Recorder Twitter Screen Name Location Contributor Status No of Records
1 Survey Data Contributor 26,439
2 Ian Ballam ianballam Poole, Dorset Follower 2,943
3 Debby Saunders debbyseamist Portland, Dorset Contributor 2,167
4 Birds Poole Harbour harbourbirds Follower 1,543
5 Steve Groves SwannerySteve Abbotsbury Swannery, England Contributor 1,478
6 Durlston Ranger DurlstonCP Durlston Country Park Organisation 1,177
7 Retweet Retweets Dorset Contributor 1,068
8 Portland Bird Observatory PortlandBirdObs Organisation 1,045
9 Paul Harris PaulUpwey Weymouth Contributor 857
10 Christchurch Harbour Ornithological Group CHOG_birds Christchurch, UK Follower 790
11 Martin Adlam PortandWey Isle of Portland Follower 741
12 Richard Charmouth CharmouthBirder Charmouth, W. Dorset UK Follower 664
13 Brendan Shiels BrendanSheils Dorset Follower 640
14 Hamish Murray Hamish14453 Dorset Follower 615
15 Thomas Bomo Uni gardenbirder1 Contributor 588
16 Joe Stockwell Joe_stockwell Weymouth, Dorset Contributor 586
17 Mike Morse Bexbirder Contributor 538
18 Dorset Bird Club DorsetBirdClub Dorset Organisation 534
19 Freddy Alway freddyalway tidmoor Follower 489
20 Martin Wood MartinWood14 Dorset Follower 462
21 RSPB Arne RSPBArne Arne, Dorset Organisation 411
22 Jol Mitchell JolMitchell Contributor 401
23 Friends Kinson Common KinsonFriends Kinson, Bournemouth Non-Twitter 390
24 Shaun Robson NarwhalSh Dorset Contributor 385
25 Tony Furnell TonyFurnell Upton Dorset. England Follower 348
26 Mark Wright markwright12002 Poole, Dorset Contributor 340
27 Tom Brereton tom_m_brereton Bridport Follower 331
28 Peter Orchard peterorchardnod Wareham, Dorset, UK Follower 316
29 Hugh Miller hughcmiller East Dorset, UK Contributor 316
30 Colin Lamond aeshnagrandis Verwood, England Follower 316