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News and Views Page Guide

  • The aim of this section is to:

    • Provide users with news of the latest Dorset nature sightings and to interact with the Nature of Dorset

    These aims are achieved by:

    • Providing a NEWS DESK otpion where users can see what records were posted yesterday, over the last 7 days or over the last 31 days
    • Providing some additional reports and facilities that show intetsting viws of the records in the Nature of Dorset database
    • Providing a forum for users to ask questions, or discuss issues concerning the nature of Dorset
    • Providing links to the Nature of Dorset Facebook group and Twitter feed

    This section can be used for:

    • Monitoring what interesting species are currently being seen at sites in Dorset
    • Seeing which species are currently generating the most records from Dorset
    • Seeing which sites are best to visit for interesting wildlife
    • Getting help with identification of species that you might have seen
    • Asking other questions or debating other issues relevant to nature conservation in Dorset
    • Submitting photographs and experiencs to the Nature of Dorset Facebook Group
    • Submitting records for the NAture of Dorset database via Twitter

    From this home page you can: 

    Access the NEWS DESK section for the latest records database sightings. Use the NEWS DESK section if you:

      • Want the news of the latest sighting of nature in Dorset
      • Want to see what has been seen in the last 7 or 31 days in Dorset
      • Want to use a range of other reports and facilities that look at sightings in Dorset in interesting ways

    Access the FORUM section for the complete database of records and photographs by location. Use the FORUM section if you:

      • Want help with identifying a particular species you have seen
      • Want to ask a question or discuss an issue relating to nature conservation in Dorset
      • Want to ask a question or make an observation about the Nature of Dorset 

    Access the COMMUNITY section for the  records in the database for any particular month of your choice. Use the COMMUNITY section if you: 

      • Want to join the Nature of Dorset Facebook group to share your photographs and experiences
      • Want to follow the Nature of Dorset Twitter feed for the latest news from nature enthusiasts and conservation organisations
      • Want to submit recors of what you have seen in Dorset via the Nature of Dorset Twitter stream