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Build your own reports from the records database

Click/tap your selection to move to the next level down:

Full Database Report: 

  • this shows the data at the base or detail level with one line per recorded observation
  • you can use the various filters to restrict the records to species or groups), siate, contribtors and dte range as required
  • your can be download your report to your computer in various forms using the small icons at the bottom of the page.

Summary Database Report: 

  • Build your own list of sites where a species or group of species has been recorded
  • Build your own list of species or groups of species recorded at a particular site of your choice
  • Download your report to your own computer in a variety of formats

Timeset Database Report:

  • The same data as the summary report but iwth date parameters added
  • Select a week or month and/or a year to see when species can be seen and where
  • Download the results to your own computer for further analysis

Caution: In view of the large amount of data in the Nature of Dorset database mobile users may find these reports take some tome to load!

 The boxes at the top of these report are the 'filters'; click the down arrow and choose your selection from the options available. Once you have made your selection click 'Apply' and await the reults! The filters you have chosen remain after the data is displayed and you can change them, or apply additional ones, until you have content you require. To start again use the 'reset' option. Do not use Species Group, Species Sub-Group and Species together; this is not necessary as you can only work at one level not all three if you choose a species group of birds and a species of large white you will not get any results ...