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Index of Sites with Records

These are the sites for which there are records in the database:

Click on any site name to see details of the sites with photographs, a full list of sightings as well as a distribution map. If you are looking for a particular site you can use the search box at the top of the display to enter the name of that site. Primary sites I have visited and have a lot of detail available for them, secondary sites I have not visited so there is less detail and recording areas are much broader and have little specific information.

Displaying 121 - 150 of 299 records
Rank Location Map Reference Location Type Governing SSSI No of Records
121 Ashmore Wood ST905189 Primary Sites 151
122 Godlingston Heath National Nature Reserve SZ020830 Primary Sites Studland and Godlingston Heaths 150
123 Stokeford Heath SY864904 Primary Sites 148
124 Black Hill and Turnerspuddle ST845936 Primary Sites Black Hill Heath 147
125 Stour Meadows Nature Reserve ST888058 Primary Sites 147
126 Wareham Walls and Priory Meadows SY925870 Primary Sites 145
127 Cranborne Area Recording Area 141
128 Wareham Forest (Gore Heath) SY925915 Primary Sites 139
129 Corfe Castle Mound and River SY958823 Primary Sites 134
130 Hilfield Hill Nature Reserve ST636041 Primary Sites 134
131 Creech Heath National Nature Reserve SY918839 Primary Sites Stoborough and Creech Heaths 134
132 Winfrith Heath Nature Reserve SY805874 Primary Sites Winfrith Heath 134
133 Branksome shore and Poole Bay Recording Area 131
134 Chesil Cove Recording Area 130
135 Soul Moor and Bere Stream Nature Reserve SY824936 Primary Sites 127
136 Dunyeats Hill Nature Reserve SZ016964 Primary Sites Canford Heath 127
137 Swyre Head SY935785 Primary Sites South Dorset Coast 127
138 Lydlinch Common ST736136 Primary Sites Blackmoor Vale Commons and Moors 126
139 Trailway (Stourpaine) ST855097 Primary Sites 126
140 East Stoke Fen Nature Reserve SY864865 Primary Sites 125
141 Swanage Area Recording Area 125
142 Ham Common Local Nature Reserve SY980902 Primary Sites Ham Common 123
143 Bourne Valley Local Nature Reserve (Talbot Heath) SZ064936 Primary Sites Bourne Valley 122
144 Troublefield Nature Reserve SZ125975 Primary Sites Moors River System 121
145 Cashmoor Down ST989143 Primary Sites 121
146 Holway Woods Nature Reserve ST633204. Primary Sites 121
147 Moreton Heath SY815905 Primary Sites 121
148 Chilfrome SY580988 Primary Sites 120
149 Delph Wood SZ016974 Primary Sites 119
150 Millhams Mead Local Nature Reserve SZ063969 Primary Sites 118