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Recent Records

  • Badbury Rings Hill Fort

    These are the most recent records for this site:

    Record Date Location Comment Recorder
    22-08-19 Wasp Spider Lynda Lambert
    22-08-19 Spotted Flycatcher Dorset Bird Club
    17-08-19 Hornet Robberfly Colin Lamond
    29-07-19 Brimstone Lynda Lambert
    29-07-19 Six-spot Burnet Lynda Lambert
    29-07-19 Speckled Wood Lynda Lambert
    29-07-19 Green-veined White Lynda Lambert
    29-07-19 Brown Hawker Lynda Lambert
    28-07-19 Common Blue Martin Wood
    28-07-19 Chalkhill Blue Martin Wood
    01-08-19 Wheatear Dorset Bird Club
    15-07-19 Common Blue Alison Copland
    15-07-19 Brimstone Alison Copland
    15-07-19 Marbled White Alison Copland
    15-07-19 Dark Green Fritillary Martin Wood
    15-07-19 Meadow Brown Alison Copland
    15-07-19 Gatekeeper Alison Copland
    15-07-19 Six-spot Burnet Alison Copland
    15-07-19 Small Skipper Alison Copland
    13-07-19 Hobby Dorset Bird Club
    04-07-19 Quail Dorset Bird Club
    16-06-19 Field Scabious Ian Ballam
    16-06-19 Six-spot Burnet Ian Ballam
    16-06-19 Hoverfly (C bicinctum) Ian Ballam
    16-06-19 Greater Butterfly Orchid Ian Ballam
    11-06-19 Quail Retweet
    24-05-19 Cuckoo Lynda Lambert
    30-05-19 Cuckoo Dorset Bird Club
    23-05-19 Common Blue Martin Warren
    26-05-19 Cuckoo Dorset Bird Club

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