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See details Name of Reservesort descending Map Reference
view Haydon and Askerswell Downs SY547928
view Haydon Hill Nature Reserve SY671945
view Haymoor Bottom SZ028943
view Hendover Coppice Nature Reserve ST634038
view Hengistbury Head Local Nature Reserve SZ165911
view Hethfelton Wood SY858875
view Hibbitt Woods Nature Reserve ST546075
view Higher Houghton ST802048
view Higher Hyde Heath Nature Reserve SY854889
view Hilfield Hill Nature Reserve ST636041
view Hod Hill ST857107
view Hog Cliff National Nature Reserve SY615973
view Hogchester Farm Nature Reserve SY355945
view Holes Bay SZ007925
view Holmebridge SY890870
view Holt Heath National Nature Reserve SU057046
view Holt Wood SU0040000
view Holton Heath National Nature Reserve SY952908
view Holton Lee SY960916
view Holway Woods Nature Reserve ST633204.
view Hooke Park Wood SY525995
view Horton Common SU075071
view Ibberton Hill Nature Reserve ST792071
view Iford Meadows Local Nature Reserve SZ142932
view Jellyfields Local Nature Reserve SY476928
view Jubilee Trail - Redbridge SY789884
view Kilwood Coppice Nature Reserve SY930382
view Kimmeridge Bay SY905796
view King Barrow Quarry Nature Reserve SY690728
view Kingcombe Meadows Nature Reserve SY554990
view Kings Wood SZ005815
view Kingston and Houns-tout Cliff SY945775
view Kingston Lacey House and Gardens ST976014
view Kinson Common Local Nature Reserve SZ067690
view Knoll Gardens SU060000
view Lamberts Castle SY367987
view Langdon Hill SY412930
view Lankham Bottom Nature Reserve ST606004
view Leigh Common Local Nature Reserve SU026000
view Lions Hill SU104039
view Little Giant Wood Local Nature Reserve ST464002
view Lodmoor Nature Reserve SY688813
view Longham Lakes SZ062978
view Lorton Meadows Nature Reserve SY674827
view Loscombe Nature Reserve SY502979
view Luscombe Valley Local Nature Reserve SZ048897
view Lydlinch Common ST736136
view Lyscombe and Highdon ST741017
view Lytchett Bay and Turlin Moor Local Nature Reserve SY978916
view Maiden Castle SY667885